Voice - Home Stay in Hokkaido

Visit to Sapporo and Asahikawa

Poster Tokyo / School Activity

The home stay family was very nice. They were extremely welcoming towards me. However I do think that time with family and length of the stay in Japan was short. A week with the family and a week in Tokyo would make the Japan visit very fulfilling.

The home stay accommodation, food, family was great. The family accepted me as one of their own daughters. They arranged exiting activities for me. This was a good stay in Japan.

I had a lot of fun during homestay. Although I could not communicate with them,I enjoyed it. I learned that Japanese people are all so kind and friendly. Also, the trip to the museum was very educational. The tour guide taught me so much about Japan's history. I would definitely come back to Japan again. Thank you so much!.

Had a lot of fun during the homestay. It is the best part of the trip. I miss the lovely families already. Although one week is quite short,I still managed to buy a lot of things and see places. I love Japan and will remember it forever. I will come back to Japan soon!

It was a great experience. I learnt a lot from my host family. I think the stay with our host families should be longer. I would have liked to spend more time with them.

I enjoyed my homestay very much as my homestay family is very nice to me. I would definitely visit Japan for homestay again soon. I think 3 nights for homestay is short. I would prefer 4 or 5 nights.

The homestay programme was such a great experience. I was slightly nervous at first but it turns out that everyone was really friendly and polite. Especially my host family whom I am already missing. I would like to recommend anyone to give it a try as it is a great way to meet new people , learn the Japanese culture and learn new things.

Tokyo is place which has great attractions like Sapporo. However I would like to stay a day or two days longer in Sapporo and Tokyo. I had such a good time and would definitely come back to Japan soon.

I had a wonderful time in Asahikawa with my homestay family. I learned about their culture and tradition. I managed to learn a few Japanese words. My host family were very welcoming and helpful. The trip to school was very fun. I enjoyed it very much especially the tea ceremony. The trip to zoo and shopping was also fun too. Overall the food was great.v