Voice - Home-stay & School Visit in Hiroshima

in June 2010

I feel very happy to be part of this group. Various experiences I have learned for example in a home stay program, visit to school and Universal Studio. I hope to visit many more countries in future. Feel Japan with K is responsibility to protect the security and the needs of students. Once again ,I would like to thank all of your guidance. I hope that the ties with family are established until the end of my life.I hope I can join this home stay & school visit again.

It is perfect arrangement!
I am very happy that this program have been held.
With this program I could get a different experience from my normal life.
Thank you very much for Feel Japan with K who have leaded this program to be successful.

Overall is excellent.
I am satisfied with my stay in Japan under "Feel Japan with K"

I hope that Malaysian and Japanese students have a great relation between them through this program.

The trip is very happy and I would like to join again if "Feel Japan" can do this kind of trip again.

This program under Feel Japan with K is the best trip in my Life.
I will be the trip like this again. Thank you.

It was a wonderful trip.
I hope it was longer so that I can learn more about Japan and spend more time in this wonderful place. Thank you very much, "Feel Japan" you really helped us a lot and provided us a comfortable stay at Japan.

The home stay and school visit was very fun and enjoyable.
Very little can be changed to make it better. If possible, the activities should be given more time ; such as the home stay and school visit was short and somewhat rushed.

The school trip should have been longer for at least 2 days so we can make new friends and generally know about Japanese high school life.
The host family could have treated me better. As she was mostly taking care of her children. So choosing of host family should have been done wisely.

I did not spend enough time with the host family and I hope that school visit should be extended more. Thank you.

The days of the trip should be longer because it was a bit rushed & everyone will be tired.

Please give me more shopping & free time!

Everything was nice and organized. We had enough time to do everything. But maybe some more time for shopping.

I hope that home stay should be longer!

I would have love to have more days.
Time flies so fast when you are having fun so I need more days as I had fun for this short trip.
The trip should focus more on one particular thing, for example, if it is a home stay then the whole trip home stay.

An excellent tour! And I learned very much about Japanese culture.
Home stay should be extended to allow for more time with the host family.
All in all excellent experience and I hope to join any further subsequent programs like this. Thank you.