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We had a wonderful holiday in Japan thanks to you. We really appreciate your services.
Hope we can meet again next time.

My family said that 10 days is not enough in Japan. We were kind of rushing, We need to stay longer next time.

I really like Hiroshima, my mother did said that if ever we are going to Hiroshima, we need to stay 2 days then we can cover Hiroshima because it is such a big city.

We ate oyster and went up to Mt.Misen and the view was so beautiful and it was such a clear day. Glad I rode the rope way though I was afraid of heights actually.

What I like during winter is that the lightning…it was so much beautiful and its everywhere. I really have to go there again. Such a beautiful country.

My family and I would like once again to thank you for your assistance while we were in Tokyo. My children could not stop talking about their visit to Disney land and Disney Sea. My wife also enjoyed shopping at Gotenba! We managed to see Mt.Fuji there. It was indeed a beautiful sight. .

We are safely back home in Singapore and one thing for sure we brought back lovely memories from Japan. Feel Japan with K is one amazing company. Their friendly, patience and accommodating attitude goes beyond our expectation. They helped us a lot prior in our planning and during our stay in Japan. As we are travelling with 2 young children, we did not their package tour but took their Family ground tour.

It is indeed a nice experience "Feel Japan" with "Feel Japan with K" My family and I wished all the best for Feel Japan with K and their Muslim tours and from the bottom of our heart we want to thank YOU for making our DREAM holiday a REALITY!Feel Japan with K is highly recommended.