Voice - Muslim Package Tour


It is a very good idea to organize this tour specializing on Muslim travel.
This is a niche market If you improve to cater for our muslim needs especially with regards to foods, the potentiality of this business will become huge. I want to spend a little bit longer time on a interesting place, Yasukuni Shrine &Its war museum. There is a lot to see and learn about the history of Japan. Very interesting. I really want to come back again with Feel Japan with K. Well done and thank you very much, Kishida san.

I have no comments, I just want to thank to Feel Japan with K for your patient while handling the group.
Hope to visit more interesting places and some more time for shopping. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for your bringing interesting places and for your kindness.
I really enjoyed with "Feel Japan with K".

I really enjoyed with Feel Japan with K.
I hope that in future Feel Japan with K will succeed in this muslim market.

A very good experience. The tour is wonderful.
However, lunch with bread at Disneyland should be improved. Suggest a heavy lunch.

I enjoyed very much with Feel Japan with K. Hope to come again with family soon. Thank you so much for your fispitality.

Appreciated if you can explore the muslim's village within Japan in future for us to get the feel of Japan within a muslim family.
Anyhow I really appreciate this trip and I am happy to recommend to my friends to join this Feel Japan with K in near future.

I am happy to join this trip. However I wish to spend more time in Tokyo Disneyland.

Mosque visit is good and a must. Thank you very much for your super special trip.

A very pleasant &nice holiday with a successful &well organized trip.
Thank you very much, Kishida san&Aqilah san. Hope we can meet you again.

Fully satisfied & well planned. Definitely will come back again.

Thank you very much for the hospitality &very nice service. Hope to see you again.

Everything is OK. Thank you very much, Kishida san.

Enjoyed the trip thoroughly. I will definitely come backā€¦.
Disneyland for 1 whole day is a good idea! And the "Ryokan" dinner too!

I am happy with the whole tour.

I really enjoy the trip. Thanks.

Overall OK.

Well done to Tour Guide-especially on way to Mt.Fuji, he introduced a few "Arts of Mt.Fuji" Need print out in English on some destination.

Overall very good &,happy with the group and tour. Only shopping time more.

On general is good.
But might be improvement for food variety.