Visit Japan - 2016

Syariah Hotel Fujisan (Lake Kawaguchi/Yamanashi Prefecture)

October 2016

Syariah Hotel Fujisan was open on 1/Oct 2016
They can serve Japanese Halal breakfast/dinner and provide prayer room.

Lavender at Mt. Fuji area (Yamanashi)

July 2016

In July…..Now you can observe Lavender around Mt. Fuji area.

Sakura! Sakura! Sakura! (Tokyo)

May 2016

Sakura at Kudan

Sakura at Shinjuku-Gyoen

Sakura at Ueno Park

Shibamata (Tokyo)

February 2016

Typical Down Town in Tokyo…Located in the east part of Tokyo.
You can enjoy strolling to the main temple with typical traditional shops Shibamata is well known as the famous movie scene of "Tora-san".