Visit Japan - 2015

Tokyo Motor Show 2015 (Tokyo)

November 2015

You can understand the future of automobile industry there.

Mikasa Battle Ship and Admiral Togo (Yokosuka / Kanagawa)

November 2015

You might be able to share the same feeling of Admiral Togo who faced Russian Baltic Fleet.

Fuji-Zakura (Moss phlox) in Lake Kawaguchi Area

August 2015

You can enjoy Shiba-Zakura at the base of Mt. Fuji in Apr. & May.
Even if you miss the opportunity to see Sakura, you can still enjoy Shiba-Zakura!

Himeji Castle (UNESCO World Heritage) in Hyogo

August 2015

Now Himeji Castle main building is open to the public after large sized renovation.
Himeji Castle is preserved as it was.

Hotel Gracery (Shinjuku / Tokyo)

April 2015

Hotel Gracery Shinjuku is open on 24/Apr 2015.
Godzilla room and Godzilla view rooms are also available.

MATSUMOTO CASTLE (Matsumoto City/Nagano)

January 2015

Matsumoto Castle is national treasure and is preserved as it was.
You can drop there on the way from Tokyo to Alpine Route.