Visit Japan - 2012

Huis Ten Bosch (Nagasaki)

November 2012

Huis Ten Bosch is a European Styled resort of flowers.
You can have experience of "ONE PIECE" world.
Let's go for a dream cruise with the Thousand Sunny Ship.

Atomic Bomb Dome (UNESCO World Heritage/Hiroshima)

October 2012

You can learn what actually happened in Hiroshima at 8:15AM on 6th of Aug 1945.
You can discuss your future only after your visiting there.

Kanazawa/Wakura Hot Spring Resort (Ishikawa)

September 2012

You can enjoy traditional Samurai park ("Kenrokuen") & town in Kanazawa.
We say that "Kaga-ya" (Wakura Hot Spring Resort) is one of the best Japanese traditional accommodation "Ryokan" in Japan.
You can feel real Japanese hospitality there.

Hari-Raya Open House at Embassy of Malaysia (Tokyo)

August 2012

FURANO -Lavender field (Hokkaido)

July 2012

Furano has beautiful summer season where you can see the beautiful colors of nature everywhere.
Many flower farms welcome you with the amazing colorful patters of flower filed.


June 2012

Akihabara is used to be electronics quarters.
But now it has changed to be so called "Otaku town"(Holy place for Mania).
You can find many kinds of hobbies there.


June 2012

One of the biggest aquarium in the world.
All of the visitors feel and reconsider the preciousness and wonder of life and the importance of nature environment around us.

SHINSEKAI (New World, Osaka)

May 2012

They say that Shinsekai (New World) is one of the most deepest area in Osaka.
You can't understand real Osaka until you visit there.


May 2012

One of the most exciting tourist spots in Osaka.You can enjoy shopping & eating.
Let's enjoy Takoyaki & Club dish.Turkish ice is also available.

HANAMI (Cherry Blossom Viewing)

April 2012

We know that spring has come by viewing Sakura (Cherry Blossoms). Sakura flowers last only 2 weeks subject to rain and wind during which period we appreciate for Sakura and enjoy eating & drinking among family and friends under Sakura tree.

KOBE MOSQUE (Kobe, Hyogo)

April 2012

Kobe Mosque is the oldest mosque in Japan which was built in 1935. In the front of this mosque there is Pakistani restaurant. ("Naan Inn" 1F 3-1-2 Yamahondori Chuo-ku Kobe-city Hyogo prefecture 078-242-8771) Kobe is the biggest Muslim society in Japan.


March 2012

We can enjoy skiing & snowboarding from mid/Dec to mid/March. (The best season of "powder snow" is Jan & Feb.)
There are so many skiing & snowboarding resort within 3 hours driving distance from Tokyo (by car).
Why do not you come to Japan for skiing & snowboarding?


January 2012

42nd Tokyo Motor Show was held from 3 Dec. to 11 Dec. 2011 at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo).
843,600 visitors enjoyed future concept & technology of motorcars.