Visit Japan - 2010


October 2010

Many towns have their own festival in mainly Autumn season.
Any population regardless of age are looking forward to joining this festival.
Some carry a miniature shrine on their shoulders and some enjoy scooping gold fish, having cotton candies and putting masks of comics character at night stalls.

TAMAGAWA ONSEN (hot springs resort area)

September 2010

There are many usefulness for "Onsen".
It is believed that Tamagawa Onsen can recover even cases of cancer due to its strong radium emission.
Many people lie themselves down on the ground to absorb radium emission to their body....
Location : Akita Prefecture, Tohoku District

THE OPENING OF MT. FUJI to climbers for the year

July 2010

Mt.Fuji, the symbol of Japan and 3,776m,was open to climbers on the 1st of July. Mt.Fuji climbing during summer season is now getting popular among Japanese and foreigner climbers.
However we must prepare carefully before climbing Mt.Fuji.
Already two Malaysian university students met with an accident in Mt.Fuji this July.


June 2010

Himeji Castle(World Heritage, Hyogo Prefecture), built in the 17th century and preserved as it was , represents the highest achievement in Japanese castle architecture.
Due to its elegant appearance totally covered with white plaster, the castle has been compared to a white bird and is called "White Heron Castle".
The castle is now under a large renovation and its main keep will be fully covered by the end of 2010. I recommend you to visit there soon..


May 2010

May 5th is Children's Day.
Families with young boys celebrate this holiday by displaying "samurai dolls""samurai helmet & armor" inside the house and flying carp-shaped streamers outside the house.
Families strongly hope that their sons will grow up strong and wish for their health and happiness on that day.


April 2010

From March to April, cherry trees bloom across Japan.
At the height of the season, many people get together under the cherry blossoms in the park and enjoy not only viewing the blossoms but also eating and drinking.


March 2010

The Doll Festival ("Hinamatsuri") on 3rd March is a special day for girls.
Her or their family celebrate and wish their health and growth by setting up a display of special dolls dressed in beautiful "kimono".
On the day of this festival, we also enjoy peach blossoms ("Ume") which are similar to cherry blossoms ("Sakura") and tell the season of early spring.


February 2010

You can enjoy not only snow statues and ice sculptures but also singing, dancing, skating and ski demonstration in Sapporo during Snow Festival period (5th-11th Feb 2010) which turn Sapporo into a winter dreamland.
I hope that you can see Petronas Twin Tower snow statue in near future due to many visitors from Malaysia. I managed to find Halal Kebab shop near Snow Festival area.


February 2010

Japanese combined battleship fleets beat Russo Baltic battleship fleets on the Sea of Japan which leaded Japanese-Russo War to the end. (1904-1905) "MIKASA" was a leading ship among them and is preserved as it was in Yokosusa.
You can feel how genuine feeling people those days had for the mother country.


January 2010

Ground Sumo Tournament was held in Tokyo from 10th to 24th Jan. It is the national sport of Japan and started about 300 years ago. So there are many formalities before and after a match.
There are now about 800 professional "rikishi"(a sumo wrestler)and we call the highest rank "rikishi" as "Yokozuna" who is requested for not only physical strength but also dignity as a sumo leader. 
There are six annual tournaments at the different cities in Japan and the next one in Tokyo will be held from 9th to 23rd May.


January 2010

The 86th Hakone inter-college Ekiden (a long distance (217.9 km) relay race) between Tokyo and Hakone for two days was held on 2nd and 3rd of january 2010, which is one of the large scale event celebrating the very beginning of the new year.
This Ekiden has 90 years history (only suspended during Second World War period).
One team consists of ten runners and every runner has to run under the honor of their mother universities with TASUKI, a kind of baton and pass it to the next runner.
Ekiden fans along the route cheer each runner vigorously and TV broadcast all the way live for two days.
It is said that there will surely occur the drama without any scenario.

X'MAS TREE in Harajuku

December 2009

Omotesando was illuminated for the first time in a decade!