Visit Halal - Tokyo

Halal Japanese Beef BBQ “Panga” (Okachimachi/Tokyo)

You can enjoy authentic Japanese beef BBQ.
BBQ strongly recommended to local Muslim staying in Tokyo.

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Address. 3-27-9 Taito Taito-ku Tokyo
Tel. 03-3839-8929

Ramen Ouka (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

Real Halal Ramen restaurant was open at Shinjuku.
Our staff ordered a large serving of Raman and was very much satisfied with its taste.

Yoyogi Mosque (Shibuya, Tokyo)

You can have simple lunch after Friday Prayer at Yoyogi Mosque.

Halal BBQ Tanden (Shibuya, Tokyo)

You can enjoy high quality Beef BBQ (Wagyu) there.

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Address. 1F 5-21-12 Sendagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Tel. 050-5796-4845

Narita-ya (Asakusa, Tokyo)

You can try Halal Ramen at Asakusa.

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Address. 2-7-13 Asakusa Taiyo-ku Tokyo
Tel. 03-4285-9806

La Toque (Narita Airport, Chiba)

You can enjoy Halal Japanese style curry at Narita Airport Terminal 2 before departure or after arrival.

<Shop Information>
Address. 4F Narita Airport Terminal 2
Tel. 0476-34-6193

The Manhattan Fish Market (Ikebukuro, Tokyo)

You can enjoy Seafood & Chicken BBQ at the shopping street, Ikebukuro.
(No Alcohol provided)

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Address. B1F 1-4-2 Higashi-Ikebukuro Toshima-ku Tokyo
Tel. 03-6912-5996

Sekai Café (Asakusa, Tokyo)

Restaurant which accommodate for Muslim & Vegetarian is open near Asakusa Kannon and Nakamise shopping street. They sell “Halal Ramen” package there as souvenir.

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Address. 1-18-8 Asakusa Taito-ku Tokyo
Tel. 03-6802-7300

Salma Tikka Biryani (Shinagawa, Tokyo)

Salma Tikka Biryani is located within 5 minutes walking distance from Shinagawa Prince Hotel.
Brunei Embassy staff are regular customers there.

<Shop Information>
Address. 4-22-11 Takanawa Minato-ku Tokyo
Tel. 03-3449-5302

Potohar (Shibuya, Tokyo)

Potohar is located within 5 minutes walking distance from Shinjuku Washington Hotel and serve Indo & Pakistan dishes.

<Shop Information>
Address. 3-29-5 Yoyogi Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Tel. 03-3378-3139

Kebab Box J (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

Kebab Box J is located within 5 minutes walking distance from Shinjuku Washington Hotel and serve Chicken Kebab sandwich.

<Shop Information>
Address. 1-14-15 Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

Hisar (Okubo, Tokyo)

Hisar is located within a few minutes walking distance from JR Okubo Station (Next to Shinjuku Station).
You can enjoy Turkish meals provided by Muslim Turkish Chef.

<Shop Information>
Address. 1-24-11 Hyakonincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Tel. 03-3771-0081

Chandrama (Tokyo)

Chandrama is the first Japanese chicken curry restaurant supervised by Malaysian Halal Corporation.

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Address. New-Shinbashi Building416 2-16-1 Shinbashi Minato-ku Tokyo
Tel. 03-6268-8339

Chicken Man (Ueno, Tokyo)

Halal Chicken shop was opened next to Halal Kebab Shop at Ameyoko street.

<Shop Information>
Address. 1F Ameyoko Street Center Builiding 4-7-8 Taito-ku Tokyo

Siddique (Tokyo) -Indian & Pakistani restaurant group

Siddique is the one of the biggest Indian & Pakistani restaurant group mainly in Tokyo area.
They have more than 20 restaurants.
Siddique is famous for its big size of naan.

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Url. (in Japanese)

Samrat (Tokyo) - Indian restaurant group

Samrat is the one of the biggest Indian restaurant group in Tokyo.
They have 8 restaurant in Tokyo.
You can enjoy buffet and sometime show-time (Turkish dance show….) there.

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Moses san no Kebab (Ueno, Tokyo)

This shop is located at Ameyoko street(Ueno) and one of the busiest Kebab shop in Tokyo.
Many Muslim students also enjoy Kebab there.

<Shop Information>
Address. 1F 4-7-8 Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo
Tel. 03-3837-4774